Det ena och det andra (excerpt)
Different phases of a lifespan through fragmentary events of three generations. A pregnant women in Stockholm works in home care service and brings her twelve year old daughter to work. Their dysfunctional relationship gets worse by the pregnancy and the distance between them increases. Lo creates an imaginary space in her everyday life where she can play and come up with subtle ways to provoke a grown up world she's moving towards but can't relate to. An old man works as a taxi driver but is approaching the last stage of life. He starts looking back as Lo and her mum must look ahead.

Sunday in Mojave (excerpt).
In this film we follow the life of Los Angeles citizen Lucas Quigley a couple of days in late fall. Halloween turn the the streets in to a carnival of joyful noise. On the Surface this is a film about the surroundings he inhabits and explores. Lucas drives his car out to Joshua Tree National park for some days camping. While walking around he runs into a group of more experienced hikers. They warn him there's a cold front coming.

Looking Out (excerpt).
Shot over the course of the final six month of inmate Marie Stengård's prison sentence, "Looking Out" is made from repeated visits to the Färingsö women's prison outside of Stockholm. Here, throughout this duration, we can observe changes in her correctional uniforms, interior and exterior landscape and Maries descriptions of philosophical and practical matters as her release date approaches.

Prelude (excerpt)
Frida Hyvönen is preparing for her 2008 christmas concert at Södra teatern in Stockholm. A few rituals with her bandmembers and some schlagers in the dressing room.
In collaboration with Moa Geistrand.
Black&white 16mm / 5.41

321 Hooper street (extract)
Filmed in New York city early 2007 a documentary built on fragmentary scenes of people that I knew and got to know during a three months period.
Mini dv / 17.39

Åsögatan 82
Made in-between 2002 and 2006 in the home of my friend Sven-Erik Täckmark. Working on the translation for the autobiography of his favourite author John Cowper Powys. Here in a series of reflections on memories and daily routines during a conversation with his daughter Ann. 17 min / Mini Dv

Led Er Est - Sanetta
Central Park december 2011. Director & Camera Marcus Harrling

Sibille Attar - The day
Directed by Marcus Harrling.

Music by The Coombe Film By M Harrling

A film by Nadine Byrne
Cinematography Marcus Harrling
16mm color
20 min 12 sec

And The Sky So Present And Near (Trailer).
A film made by Nadine Byrne
Cinematography Marcus Harrling
Super 8 Black and White
6 min 12 sec

00-Tal Poetry Festival 2008
Opening film to the 2008 Poetry Festival at Dramaten Stockholm. Arranged by the Literary Magazine 00-TAL.
Music by Calle Olsson text by Stig Dagerman.
16mm / 2.42

Restructional Bath
Documentation of a performance by Ninna Berger in the river dalälven at Gagnef festival for music and art.

Lux Lumen - In a chapel
Music by Mira Eklund filmed 2007 in the archipelago of stockholm in collaboration with Nanna Dalunde.
16mm / 03.24