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Romas Ruiner - Cinematography - 2022
Short Fiction directed by Jenny Palén Ejstes
Gimme a Break Productions

Dream One - Cinematography - 2022
By Santiago Mostyn
as part of Installation made for Södertälje Konsthall

Hesa Fredrik blir digital - Cinematography - 2022
Project by Anna Lundh

Bambule - Cinematography - 2021
A film by Jenny Källman

Ectoplasmgirls - Cinematography - 2021
Documentation of a performance at Fylkingen.
Audio and Visual project by Nadine Byrne and Tanya Byrne

Bambule - Cinematography - 2021
A film by Jenny Källman
produced for market art fair, Stockholm

Eva är ormen i paradiset - Cinematography - 2020
A film by Eva Mag and Jenny Palén Ejstes

Sorgearbete / Work of Mourning - Cinematography - 2019
Installation by Nadine Byrne that was part of the exhibition
Sorgearbete / Work of Mourning at Bonniers Konsthall

E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) Cinematography - 2019
16mm, video
Documentation of a field trip including Julie Martin

Cinema has failed us Installation-2018
Involucri pittorici rigidi - a descriptive evening of a publication
A group show at the Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm.
Curated by Federico Del Vecchio.
Artists: Marcus Harrling, Marc Matter, Tris Vonna-Michell

Medis Cinematography-2018
A film by Lina Selander and Oscar Mangione.
Commissioned by Stockholms stad and
Medborgarhuset, for the new library to be
opened in 2020

Smoke and Mirrors Cinematography, edit, sound- 2017
A film written, directed and performed
by Tris Vonna-Michell

Motorik Cinematography s8,s16- 2017
A 60 min documentary by Jacob Frössén on Klaus Dinger
for K special and Swedish Television.

Radio by Athena Farroukzhad. Sound recording, mixing- 2017
Production of a english version
of "Sommar" broadcasted by
Sveriges Radio P1.
Made for Argos Books

Suedi Cinematography-2017
A music video directed by Santiago Mostyn
with a remix by Slow Wave of the song originally written and performed by Erik Lundin.

Det Ena och Det Andra Cinematography, edit, sound- 2016
Fiction / Installation / 35 min / 16mm. In collaboration with Erik Ogenstedt."Different phases of a lifespan through fragmentary events of three generations. A pregnant woman in Stockholm works in home care service and brings her twelve year old daughter to work. Their dysfunctional relationship gets worse by the pregnancy and the distance between them increases. Lo creates an imaginary space in her everyday life where she can play and come up with subtle ways to provoke a grown up world she's moving towards but can't relate to. An old man works as a taxi driver but is approaching the last stage of life. He starts looking back as Lo and her mum must look ahead". Presented by Film i Samtidskonsten at biograf Reflexen, Stockholm, Dec, 2016

En ruta ett - Kulturarv Cinematography- 2016
A upcoming film based on a performance
directed, written and performed by
Fredrik Ehlin and Gustav Londré

Fog, Friend, Font… Image and Sound- 2016
Fredrik Ehlin, Marcus Harrling, Hinrich Sachs. A two week long voyage to Quebec City,Ottawa, and Iqaluit, the capital city in the Nunavut area, sets the frame for us to consider basic functions of seeing, speaking, hearing, and writing in the processes of meaning making, in and around the current situation of Inuktitut, the language of the Canadian Inuit. Fusing a syllabic writing system as well as Latin letters in parallel. Next to personal conversations with language advocates, educators, and an anthropologist, we have been tracing publishing activities in Inuktitut language. With support from nämnden för konstnärligt utvecklingsarbete and konstnärsnämnden. Will be published by BOA Books.

1985 Monument to a revolution - Andjeas Ejiksson Cinematography, edit- 2015
A upcoming film based on the Performance written
and directed by Andjeas Ejiksson

Mattias Alkbergs begravning at Dramaten Cinematography- 2014
Directed by Carl Dieker for Podalida film
and Swedish Television

Thurston Moore - Speak to the wild Cinematography- 2014
Directed by Santiago Mostyn

Passage Artist´s book- 2014 Artist´s book- 2014
Presented at „Together with Boabooks“,
galerie Skopia, Geneva

De: Stockholm Publication, Exhibition - 2014
ArtLigue Gallery, Paris, France. 22 May - 03 June

Sunday in Mojave Cinematography, edit, director - 2013
Short film
16mm color

Looking Out Cinematography, edit, director - 2011
Short film
In collaboration with Moa Geistrand
16mm Color
Nominated for Golden Bear at BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL 2012

Prelude Cinematography, edit, director - 2010
Short fllm
In collaboration with Moa Geistrand
16mm B/W

In Skinnskatteberg Cinematography, edit, director - 2009
Short film

Åsögatan 82 Cinematography, edit, director - 2007
Short film

321 Hooper Street Cinematography, edit, director - 2007
Short Film

The Anchorage Actor, 2nd asst camera - 2007
Directed by C.W. Winter & Anders Edström
Director of photography Anders Edström
Winner of the Golden Leopard at
Winner of the Douglas E. Edward
Independent/Experimental Film/Video Award

And The Sky so Near and Present Cinematography - 2011
Director Nadine Byrne
Short film
Super 8 B/W

Dream Family Cinematography - 2010
Directed by Nadine Byrne
Short film
16mm Color

Sibille Attar - The Day Cinematography, edit, director - 2012
Music video

Led Er Est - Sanetta Cinematography, edit, director - 2012
Music video

TheHarrlingByrneOrchestraforTelevision: Audio & Visual - 2010
10.39 for Mongo
Six synchronized audio&video loops
Simultaneously screened on six Monitors
Exhibited at Skanka Loss Festival
for Art & Music 2010 At Kulturhuset Stockholm an
evening hosted by Mother Productions
In collaboration with Nadine Byrne

Vita glöden Musical arrangement - 2008
Music composition in collaboration with Per Nyström
under the name " Fara " for the screenplay at
Dramalabbet written by Saviana Stanescu
Directed by Dag Thelander

Herr Landshövding 1st asst camera, still photography - 2008
Directed by Måns Månsson
Director of photography Måns Månsson
16mm B/W

A Good Friend of Mr. World 1st asst camera, still photography - 2008
Short film
Directed by Axel Petersen
Director of Photography
Måns Månsson & Axel Petersen

Our Global Behaviour is Psychopathic 1st asst camera, still photography - 2008
Short film
Directed by Virlani Hallberg & Jennifer Rainsford
Director of photography Iga Mikler

Restructional Bath Cinematography, edit, still photography - 2009
Documentation of a performance by
Ninna Berger in the river of Dalälven at
Gagnef festival for music & art

Lux Lumen - In a Chapel Cinematography, edit, director - 2009
Music video
In collaboration with Nanna Dalunde
16mm Color

En Dag om Året Cinematography, edit, director - 2008
Opening film at Stockholm poetry Festival 2008
arranged by Literary Magazine 00-Tal at
Dramaten Stockholm
Music by Calle Olsson
16mm Color

A-Z West/Wagon Station Residency - 2011
5 weeks in Joshua Tree.
Arranged by Magasin 3 Stockholm
konsthall & Andrea Zittel

Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops-Arnö Education - 2007/2010
2 year Documentary Film program

Royal Institute of art Stockholm Education - 2010-2016
Master program/Fine Arts